Naturally occurring microbes.

Naturally occurring microbes, organic matter and salts in the soil and the amount of exposure is controlled toxicity of fullerenes wherein Turco.Purdue researchers are still a number of different studies on varying concentrations of nanoparticles of different sizes and from different materials, to determine if their effects vary from the previously found, he said. Nanoparticles in the size of one billionth To 100 billionths of a meter and can have many different forms. ‘Clearly, each manufactured nanomaterial is different so we need to develop a better knowledge on the latest on a case-by-case basis,’said Turco.

Turco research team developed to test its study, The study findings of buckyballs soil microorganisms, including bacteria, which are responsible for the degradation effects of organic matter and production of carbon dioxide and other compounds. The study findings online online in the in the April issue of the journal Environmental Science and Technology. (more…)

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