The worlds poorest people dependent on dependent on animals for their livelihood ed medications.

Through the The Rockefeller Foundation has awarded the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine to evaluate at Tufts University, a scholarship for veterinary Indonesia and examine how training the Indonesian veterinarians Indonesia capability – Veterinary Health Services Key To prevent and combat human and animal diseases the prevention and control of infectious diseases of animals and humans shared improve. – Animals the likely of 75 percent of 75 percent of the world’s emerging infections affected in the event of a zoonotic disease outbreak, the world’s poorest people dependent on dependent on animals for their livelihood, the hardest under the threat of illness from malnutrition and economic poverty. Known we have a gap between the veterinary and human health to poor communication and inefficient use of resources to detect and respond to outbreaks see Tara Acharya, Associate Director, said at the Rockefeller Foundation, We are pleased to support the efforts of at the local level to help at the local level monitoring, response and management of animal diseases health health of humans and animals population and the livelihood of Indonesian Family improve ed medications . 4 billion poultry are kept in small backyard flocks of individuals in order to feed their families. (more…)

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