The common error was 2.

Errors were higher in children orders. The authors reported a total of 2,044 prescribing errors and 22 percent were considered potentially serious. Among pediatric cases, there were errors error in 40,996 analgesic orders. Pediatric drug errors accounted for 14 percent of errors are rated as potentially serious. Error rates strongly between individual drugs, and the highest number occurred analgesic analgesic errors with some seldom prescribed medications, such as. Buprenorphine and benzocaine is also look-alike and sound-alike drug names, a significant proportion of medication errors found included.. The common error was 2.87 errors per 1000 orders with a potentially serious prescribing error rate of 0.63 per 1000.

Improvements for risk reduction, The authors advised that computerized physician order entry systems to reduce, but not eliminate. Other protective measures that should be implemented include, limiting the number of similar drugs on the formulary and reviews of medication orders by pharmacists and nurses for every prescribed analgesic. (more…)

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