According to the AP / Post-Intelligencer.

Were those vaginal test might help OB-GYNs Choose Best Induction dateThe AP / Seattle Post-Intelligencer on Monday examined a vaginal test year by the FDA to help OB-GYNs to choose the best date at to the birth of and to reduce the health risks could present in the implementation of the process too early. According to the AP / Post-Intelligencer, one in five pregnant women in the U.S. Annually elects is is medically necessary, the work can to prolonged work ending caesarean when the pregnant woman’s body will not induce ready to supply. Tests, tests, which is prepared by Adeza examined fetal fibronectin, a protein known as ‘uterine adhesive’described substance. When the protein is present in the vagina of the middle of pregnancy on, it is assumed to indicate that the body work for preparing the AP / Post – Intelligencer reports.

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