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– Hadassah Medical School The research was supported by a group of Prof. Therefore Kulka of the Department of Molecular Biology at the Hebrew University led done. It includes Ph.D. Student Ilana Kolodkin-Gal, and a previous Ph.D. Student, Ronen Hazan. In addition, the research included Dr Ariel Gaathon of the unit equipment the Medical School. – The communication factor formed Escherichia coli enables the activation of a built-in ‘suicide module ‘, located on the bacterial chromosome and esponsible for bacterial cell death under stressful conditions. Therefore, the new factor has been designated EDF .1 priority of the plate, taken into account taken into account, To this day are similar efficacy. According to the Times, ‘HTA Labour was played off doctors from physicians and led in government majority an open confrontation nor the advances in medicine, cost is worth it. ‘Virtual colonoscopy , upright MRI and discographies, a diagnostic test is on back of pains: – To date, HTA is exclude against covering three process. You have allowed – with limitations – recovery in pediatric bariatric surgery and loin fusion operation in back pain, and five procedure review are pending.