According to Reutersitments to developing countries should meet.

He added: The G8 agreed to to hold an annual review of where they stand with their commitments and where they should be, especially in health care. will will also relay to the G8 that investing in health is paying off, with less mortality, and we see tremendous results in all these areas, Kazatchkine said, adding: long Sustainability is the key to solving this problem. We have a saw drop-off going into commitments in the long term, we will do well to send a message that we need long-term financial to achieve what to achieve what we had planned, (Ennis, Reuters.. According to Reutersitments to developing countries should meet, says Global Fund Executive Director KazatchkineWealthy nations should obligations commitments to help developing countries despite the slowdown in the global economy, Michel Kazatchkine – executive director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and malaria – said on Tuesday, Reuters reported.

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