Similar doubts obstacles Domestic H1N1 vaccinations.

Researcher Jennifer Graydon analyzed water in the Mackenzie River to the north flowed into the Beaufort Sea. She collected samples for three months and discovered the total amount of mercury exported from the river during these three months was equal to an entire year’s worth of mercury calculated in previous studies. Graydon research and previous studies measured export of all chemical forms of mercury in water including methyl mercury.

‘Methylmercury is a neurotoxin, and it passed primarily to humans through contaminated fish muscle,’Graydon said. ‘This leaves northern communities at risk, because a large portion of their diet is Arctic fish species and Beluga whales. ‘Gradyon says existing studies already show Beluga whales in the western Arctic have higher mercury exposure leads in their flesh than Belugas in the eastern Arctic, the Mackenzie River in the Beaufort Sea in on the western edge of the North West Territories. This week, the Learning Center provides autism programs for Chinese-American children tailoredThe San Jose Mercury News on Wednesday profiled the Fremont, California-based Dream Center, which ‘is believed to be the nation’s only Chinese – centric autistic aligned center. (more…)

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