The Prestige Cervical Disc of two pieces of stainless steel

The Prestige Cervical Disc of two pieces of stainless steel, against each other with a ball and trough After a doctor is away the impaired natural disc connected parts, the artificial disc the adjacent vertebrae the adjacent vertebrae by bone screws .

FDA based approval of the company’s laboratory and animal testing and on its clinical study of 541 patients. The clinical study showed that the device was an improved neck and / or arm pain, and as safe and effective as cervical fusion, a common treatment for degenerative disc disease. The approval decision also takes into account the recommendations of the Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Devices Panel of FDA Medical Devices Advisory Committee, which product product in September.

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####Scientific of paper 584: P. Castellucci, Montini, Ambrosini, Franchimont, Nuclear Medicine, from Policlinico S. Bologna, Italian, p. Zinzani, Stefoni, Haematology, the Policlinico S. Bologna, Italy; D. Rubello, the Ospedale S. Maria della Misericordia, Italy, ‘FDG-PET into the assessment of patients with a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma carried ibritumomab tiuxetan, ‘SNM at of the 55. Annual Meeting of, June 14-18, addressed 2008th.